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Our country is a gargantuan land of knowledge with several outstanding educators, but it’s difficult for every aspiring learner to reach out to them. Leap Academy remains committed to connecting such students with a hunger to crack NEET/JEE through an online platform.

At Leap Academy, we believe that if we provide the light to the children, they find and innovate their path to success. We establish a solid foundation to make it easier for children to fulfill their aspirations and reach their goals. Leap Academy makes and upholds the promise of genuine commitment towards your child through an ethical and responsible approach.

Our Mission

Our mission at Leap Academy is to provide an economical and profitable chance for every child at NEET/JEE exams without endangering the quality of coaching. Our maxim is Course, Test, Mentor, Repeat. We strive to,

  • Bring remarkable teachers to our students.
  • Use technology copiously to discern a student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Book Library & StoreUse insights from child psychologists, mental conditioning coaches, and test results to help children cope with the pressures of competition and surpass the final tests
To stimulate and develop confidence in our children to enhance their skills and recognize their potential. We provide a stable, positive, and stress-free environment to inculcate an optimistic and buoyant approach in your child to par with the difficulty level of the exam they prepare for. Let's throw off the iron clogs of the fear of pandemic that refrains your child from moving forward with their studies. Jump on the ship with us and let your child flourish.

Our Vision

With a top-notch quality in our specific-designed tools and a well-constructed plan-of-action, Leap Academy offers your child with meticulous educators and a comprehensive study package. We present your child an opportunity to approve and maximize the academic abilities, not only for the competitive exams but also for the school & board exams from Grade 6-12.
At Leap Academy, together we zoom in on delivering quality coaching with tests and follow up mentoring/counseling sessions to support & benefit every student enrolling in our academy to inspire confidence to face the competition and excel.

Our Philosophy

We, at Leap Academy, follow a child-centered educational approach. We make sure that it is based on scientific observations from birth to adulthood. We believe that a child is naturally curious and is capable of initiating learning in a supportive and thoughtfully prepared environment.

Our Mentors

Our Faculty

Raghav Adepu

Mathematics Teacher
B.Tech & M.Tech – IIT Kharagpur
  • Had been teaching mathematics at FIIT JEE.
  • He started teaching during his B.Tech @ IIT. He helped a student crack the West Bengal University entrance test scoring the 20th Rank. This gave him the confidence that he can help students with Maths.
  • Having cleared JEE (Mains) twice and his love for Maths has pushed him to be a full-time maths tutor. His classes are very probing – making the students think and understand the concepts very deep.
  • In his most successful tutoring year, he has produced more than 54 Ranks above AIR 1000<./li>

Dr. Ambati Sravani

Biology Teacher

  • A dentist by profession
  • The doctor who inspires students clear medical entrance exams from her college days.
  • Biology has been her favourite subject since childhood. She loves to teach and inspire more students realise their dream of wearing the white coat. Her passion for biology when she starts teaching is very infectious.
  • Students love her sessions and gain immense confidence along the way in dealing with tough NEET questions

Swapnil Sanadya

Mathematics Teacher
B.Tech, NIT – Surat
  • He was always in love with Maths.
  • He scored 100/100 in his higher sec boards and 136/160 in his JEE Maths.
  • He has been teaching and mentoring students to clear JEE for the past 6 years.
  • He has helped a student in 2020 get to an AIR of 96 in JEE (Mains).
  • He has helped 150+ students t come in the top 99 percentile till now in JEE.
  • And has coached and mentored about 400+ students to crack other engineering entrance exams and get into top tier engineering colleges like BITS (Pilani) etc.
  • He is associated with Leap Academy and teaching our kids excel in Maths.

Nishant Soni

Physics Teacher
B.Tech, NIT – Bhopal

  • He was working with JSW Steel when he realised his calling was in teaching. He started tutoring students aspiring to clear JEE in part time.
  • The satisfaction seeing his students get into elite colleges was much more than a corporate life. He is now a full-time teacher, inspiring students to learn Physics using interesting tools.
  • He has his own YouTube channel.
  • He has helped more than 65 students clear JEE mains and 25 of them have joined the revered IITs after clearing JEE (Advance)

Manjunath A Y

Chemistry Teacher
B.Tech, NIT – Suratkal

  • He has been teaching students in Aakash coaching institute and makes a subject as Chemistry very interesting.
  • He has helped more than 100 students sail through to the IITs in the past 6 years. His students regularly scored an AIR of above 5000.
  • He also has enabled 50+ students get into Medical colleges clearing NEET.
  • He is currently associated with us at Leap Academy and helping students strengthen their understanding of concepts in Chemistry.
  • He is very good in bringing the best in our students. His hold on the subject is appreciated by the students and even slow learners come up the curve quickly under his tutelage.

Thangaraj S

Physics Teacher

  • He has been teaching Physics to students preparing for NEET & JEE for over 6 years now.
  • 200 of his students have cleared the JEE (Mains) and he has helped 70 students clear NEET and other medical entrance tests over the last 6 years.
  • 25 of his students were placed in the top 10,000 ranks in JEE (Mains) 7 have crossed the top 5,000 AIR.
  • He is fluent in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and English and can connect with slow learners and fast learners alike. He is a star teacher loved by our students.

Simran Vinaik

Biology Teacher MSc, Bio-Medical Research
  • She is a sought-after teacher for students wanting to clear NEET/KVPY. KVPY is an exam conducted by the venerated IISc.
  • Her student scored an All India Rank of 69 in KVPY in 2019. She has helped 134+ students fulfil their dream of donning the white coat and carry a stethoscope by clearing NEET successfully.
  • In the past she has done online classes with Unacademy and AskIITians. She is currently a faculty at Leap Academy for Biology.

Deepika T

Chemistry Teacher

  • She has been teaching Chemistry and Maths for students aspiring to crack JEE & NEET.
  • She was instrumental in one of her students score an AIR of 256 in 2018.
  • She has helped scores of others clear JEE and NEET. Her flair in connecting with our students has been appreciated widely by students and their parents.
  • She makes her classes lively and makes sure every student understands the concepts and can remember them for long.

Ashutosh Kumar Pathak

Physics Teacher
B.Tech., NIT – Jamshedpur

  • He as trained by the famous Anand Kumar of “Super 30” fame.
  • He has won many scholarships including MPSFER scholarship and a Govt. of Jharkand recognition for clearing JEE (Mains) with flying colours.
  • He teaches Physics and inspires them to be hard workers like himself.
  • In his previous assignments he has been teaching with PACE Foundation, NARAYANA Institute and AAKASH Institute.
  • He has been helping our students at Leap Academy now. Students have felt his classes to be though provoking and interesting.

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